Sea Lions

Kind of like in that one Star Trek where they monitor that alien civilization from a hole in the mountain, here we are making a recording of some sea lions.


Much like the one in that one Star Trek where Riker gets sucked into the wall, here’s another gratuitous tribute to cats.

Today, I am a warrior

worf star trek next generation pain sticks

As I avoided getting ready for the day by knitting and watch TNG, something boy wonder Wes said struck me. “Worf is feeling culturally and socially isolated,” he said in regards to Worf’s recent strange behavior in the episode “The Icarus Factor.”

The “ding, ding, ding” sound effect went off in my head. Though I like where I am right now, there are no perogies, black and gold banners, or known faces. I am, in fact, feeling culturally and socially out of place if not isolated.

I could have walked around Pittsburgh blindfolded. The repetitive rhythm of knitting in sync with an episode I’ve seen multiple times is enough familiarity for me to focus and not get too down.

Maybe a I need a little pain stick action, though.

knit hat lace

Anyway, this is what I’m working on. Hard to tell, but it will someday be a beautiful lace knit hat. Original pattern’s here at I’m using some pretty purple thin wool I bought a few years ago at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.

There’s a wool fest just a few hours north of SF next September. So, I can’t move back to Pittsburgh yet.

I will be visiting Imagiknit tomorrow with a coworker/fellow knitter. She too has been homesick, longing for her New England. What does one do? Stay positive. Or, if you’re a Klingon, you get tazed by John Tesh.

For more information about the Klingon Rite of Ascension, see this video.

Day Six Photos

California Plates

We’re seeing nothing but California licence plates now. In fact, we don’t think that we’ve seen a single Pennsylvania plate since somewhere around Ohio. We would have noticed. It’s like we’re the only one of our kind, just like Lt. Cmdr. Data until that one Star Trek where he finally discovers his evil twin.

Day Five Photos

Ostensibly Mama’s Pizza

Here we are at Mama’s Pizza somewhere in the deserts of Nevada. But there is no “Mama” here cooking up home-made vittles fresh from the oven, only two teenage girls behind a fake-marble counter who warm up frozen pizzas for desperate travellers such as ourselves. And there’s also a rack of M&Ms. Mama’s Pizza is not what it seems, by much like the princess that Westley Crusher meets in that one Star Trek who eventually turns out to be a hoary suck-monster.

Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah


The Gilgal Gardens in Salt Lake City features a Sphynx of Joseph Smith and a statue of the Bible’s Daniel with a boulder for a head. Some of the rocks in the garden are engraved with a series of numbers which form no comprehensible pattern — strange artefacts calling out from the past with an inscrutable message, like in that one Star Trek where the alien probe converts the Enterprise into one of their ancient palaces.

Day Four Photos