1000 miles away

My Berry Good Breakfast at La Crosse, WI's Perkins

The sign on Perkins’ front door read “WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS.” While stepping into the door of this La Crosse, WI establishment, I said aloud, “What is this, 1995?”

It’s as if we stepped into the Guardian of Time portal, and I would meet my 1995-self. Meeting 12 year old Yuta of the clan Tralesta, I would save myself from ordering the Country Style Eggs Benedict, thus preventing the extermination of an entire clan due to indigestion.

The cats have been looking up out of the window with their eyes as wide as they go. Last night, as the only car on 90W at about 2 am, there were so many stars in the sky, it looked like a netting of smoke. Each of the cats just stared still out the window at the sky. When I was young, I bent my head as far as it would go so that I could look up at the stars from the rear window as my family and I rode on highways.

Now the cats are cuddled together napping. They’ve never really done that before. They’re surely friends.

I am officially 1000 miles from home. (around Jackson, Minnesota)

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  1. OOHHH! good to see you’re having a hearty breakfast ! wow, in minnesota. i was getting a little fritzy since it’s been a couple days between posts here. hope all those stars keep on guiding you well !

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