Pulaski Township, Pennsylvania

We just entered Pulaski Township. If the billboards around here are to be believed, then this is the location of the Best Steak In The U.S.A., which makes sense because when she was younger on that one Star Trek she really was a hot piece of meat.

Here’s exit 1-A, the first or last exit in Pennsylvania depending on which way you’re going. Now we’re singing John Linnell’s “Pennsylvania.” We can’t find the CD to put the album into the car stereo, so we’re just singing it ourselves. And now we’ll listen to a new mix CD from Shontae. Listening to a new mix CD is like charting a new star system; you don’t know what’s coming up next.

Two Humans And Two Cats To Beam Up

Kevin was the name of our final Eat N’ Park waiter in Pittsburgh, where we had breakfast this morning. Murray and Beacon was the ultimate intersection at which we jaywalked in Pittsburgh just an hour ago. The Sunoco station on the corner of Braddock and Harrington will have been the last place we filled up our tires with air in Pittsburgh, which we’re doing currently. Air pressure matters. But now I’m just getting dangerously sentimental, like that one Star Trek where Sarek of Vulcan’s emotions get out of hand and infect the whole ship, threatening the mission.

I’ve never heard the cats talk so much. When one cat meows the other cat meows louder as they watch their home disappear block by block. I tried explaining to Lawrence The Cat that we’re going to California where The Terminator and Westley Crusher live, and that it’s okay because The Terminator isn’t evil anymore in the second movie and Westley has grown as a person since that unfortunate ethical lapse with Delta Squadron. But Lawrence doesn’t care; he just keeps meowing.

Now we’re on 279 North towards the turnpike. If you turn around you can see Downtown Pittsburgh get smaller and smaller in the back window, mountains to our right, and as we go around the turn, the hill moves leftward to obscure our town forever. The driver is explaining to the cats, “This is a big deal because I’ve lived here all my life. All my life. And I guess you have too, huh? You guys don’t know how much I dreamed of taking you with me everywhere I go. It’s just like I imagined.”

Where no one has gone before – we’re going there.

Sort of. Check out the pile of boxes in the background above. They will be beamed up to San Francisco, home of Starfleet Academy, where we will rendezvous with them soon enough.

Look for updates on our roadtrip across the nation. Plenty of intriguing photos, humorous commentary, and Star Trek/real life analysis.

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LL&P (Live long and prosper)